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Conflict Negotiating

Negotiating is embedded in our everyday interactions, and every small details either enhances or diminishes our negotiating power. This workshop shows you the intricate building blocks of effective negotiating. You learn overall strategy and subtle interpersonal skills  that give you an edge in professional dealings (and all other areas of life),


Conflict Coaching for Managers

Conflict is a healthy and inevitable component of our professional work. Even issues that seems unsolvable or too deeply entrenched to approach can be addressed through a systemized framework which accounts for both emotional well-being and tangible results.


Resolution Skills for Managers

Once a problem has been articulated, clarified, and understood, the question remains: What are the practical steps for resolution? This workshop explores ways to approach lasting resolution and identifies the characteristics necessary to ensure healthy and productive working relationships moving forward.  (Recommended pre-requisite: Intro to Conflict Coaching)


Handling Intense Conversations

The ‘difficult’ of difficult conversations can be mitigated by having in place a framework of considerations and guidelines for having the conversation. This workshop provides both, which alleviates anxiety of all parties, and ensure that the feedback loop in your organization feels not punitive, but instead feels like support and collaboration.


Effective Communication

Effective Communication is a combination of skills that enable you to welcome uncertainly and be more successful as a result. You will lean to navigate problems, tensions, and divergent viewpoints with ease, and how to cultivate relationships for mutual benefit and expanded opportunities. 


Dramatic Problem Solving

Dramatic Problem Solving integrates acting exercises (kinetic learning), reflexive discussion, and conflict facilitation, to tease out mental and social constructs which guide our thoughts, decisions, and behaviors. These workshops serve teams by identifying both hidden layers of conflict and hidden layers of creative solutions.


Managing Multicultural Teams

Our most predictable and continual flaw is thinking that other people see things the same way we do. This workshop creates levity in what are often tense discussions by showing you specific creative techniques to explore different motivations and elicit helpful perspective and feedback from your team, without being uncomfortable.


Negotiating Skills

Nobody is a born negotiator – these skills are learned – and your team will learn the same negotiation techniques used in armed hostage situations. This workshop teaches you specific skills to negotiate effectively and provides a framework for mapping your moves and progress. 

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