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Exclusive Services

Conflict Coaching

In a world where most people fear and avoid conflict, you will know how to grow and prosper because of conflict. Conflict and Resolution coaching (1) Guides you through a framework to organize conflict mentally and emotionally,  (2) Provides you with customized tools, and (3) Equips you to handle inner and external conflict productively.


Anticipation Management

Anticipation is a form of mental and physical anxiety that preoccupies our thoughts and causes bodily tension. Speaking openly to an unbiased third party allows you to organize your thoughts and explore options and scenarios out loud. This service allows you to alleviate physical and mental tension so you can remain open and resourceful as the situation unfolds.


Neutral Assessment

Neutral Assessments is an unconventional yet systematic inquiry, that allows you to explore options without judgement or bias and examine possible flaws in you thinking. This service is useful when you have exhausted regular channels of advice, or your normal channels for advice are interested parties to your dilemma, or you need a private space to voice your thoughts openly.


Emergency Conflict Resolution

Life confronts us with sudden painful and unforeseen situations that were impossible to anticipate. This service provides 24/7 behind-the-scene support to ensure your private life remains private and you can show your best face to the world during moments of personal distress.

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