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Conflict Facilitation

Trying to run the meeting lessens your ability to contribute meaningfully. Having a skilled conflict facilitator allows both conflict and creativity to emerge. Tracking discussion, ensuring inclusiveness, and intervening in unproductive behavior all serve to keep your team focused and resourceful.



Mediation is a process where an unbiased, neutral third-party, skilled in the conflict communication, guides disputing people toward agreement or realistic solutions. Conflict is healthy for an organization to have, and using a skilled mediator ensures the knowledge and lessons in the conflict will benefit your organizational growth.


Team De-confliction

Team De-confliction surfaces hidden issues that degrade team efficiency by using a unique and personalized methodology to s service shows how each team member approaches a situation and communicate their perspective. Understanding deeper than surface level fosters an appreciation for different areas of cognitive specialty and show teams how and when each member will offer their peak contribution.


Crisis Support

What you say during a public crisis leaves a lasting mark on your reputation. Still, in the midst of a highly tense and uncertain time, your anxiety requires an outlet. This service provides 24/7 on-call support (remote or in person) to talk through your frustrations and ensure no missteps are taken in the public space.


Organizational Deconfliction

Hidden issues and unspoken conflict degrade efficiency. Taking into account the unique features of your organization – as well as how you handle people, culture, and feedback – this service show you subtle adjustments to increase your productivity and working relationships. 

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