I Help People Think Productively   About Their Conflict 



I work with People & Teams 
who are Being Held Back by Conflict 



Dr. Rebecca Nicholson is a specialist in conflict analysis and resolution. She helps team, families, couples and private clients navigate layers of conflict by delineating systems and re-introducing them as a set of organized behaviors, ascribed beliefs, and cultural norms.

Dr. Nicholson has diversely applied her skill set across sectors, and has worked on interrelated conflict issues faced by the global community.

She combines social scientific research with direct actionable results, so every project and every subject has a clear road map for ways to intervene successfully. 



"...but you can't really prove that." Of course you can.


Dr. Nicholson delineates the gray area of conflict. She situates you within the broader issue so you can see exactly how you participate in a problem - the way your individual behavior perpetuates a conflict or helps to resolve it. 

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