As it pertains to your life, spiritual assistance is an additional level of support and clarity for people whose questions cannot be answered by worldly means (as in, not all problems have worldly answers).

Spiritual services are not for entertainment.

Please feel free to inquire should you wonder what service would be right for you, or if these services would be right for you.

Image by Lukas Meier

What else does Spirituality have to do with Conflict Resolution? 

Spirituality plays an intricate role in post-war trauma recovery.

Remember, war and violent exploitation are not new inventions, and modern psychology did not always exist. Natural healing modalities have been the historic treatment for combat soldiers with PTSD (also not new), and present day individuals and communities recovering from the violence and trauma of war. 

Cultures around the world acknowledge the ability to access ancient wisdom and spiritual information through modalities such as prayer, meditation, sound, herbs, and connection with animals, nature and their ancestors.

Natural Healing as Conflict Resolution
 is a collection from authors around the globe who detail how spirituality, ancient wisdom, and intuitive abilities help address issues on the planes of public policy, health care, family and tribal conflict, as well as personal and private matters. I cultivated this work to demonstrate the various levels and ways that healing can occur.