I sought a reading from Rebecca as I have recently been feeling lost and confused. At this particular point in my life, the issues I face are overwhelming at times. I really wanted to get clarity on my current life circumstances that I may not be able to see all sides of. I was anxious prior to the reading, just because I didn't know what to expect. I went in with an open mind and low expectations. 

What I found really unique about Rebecca is that from the moment I met her, she also felt like a friend. I immediately felt open and relaxed as soon as we began talking. I walked away with a whole new perception, changed in ways I could not have ever predicted. I learned that it's easy to dismiss that which I don't know or scientifically prove, but to trust my gut. 

The reading was incredibly beneficial to me. Our session helped me restore some sort of balance into my life, helped me move forward, suggested ways I can overcome internal difficulties, and shed light on uncertainties I had. In our session, I learned a lot about myself, and that my healing will be from the work I do from the inside out.  I would absolutely recommend a reading with Rebecca.

Afterwards, I felt content and for the first time in a very long time, I found myself truly looking forward for what's to come. I genuinely appreciated a fresh perspective on the recent events in my life, and her helping me with a deeper understanding of the circumstances and aiding me in moving forward with greater confidence and wisdom.

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My mother-in-law who died of cancer came through with a beautiful message. Rebecca is so comforting and easy to work with. Her warm presence invites love and joy during the reading. She is poised and professional, and her sense of gratitude is palpable.

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Rebecca was able to discern personality traits that most people perceive as negative and make them positive. She pointed out why the world needs people like me - Thank you!

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Rebecca was very thorough in her explanations of what she was seeing and explained how the parts of what she was seeing applied to me. Her reading was very spiritual, meaningful, and helpful, and fulfilling. Rebecca was very comforting.

Rebecca was able to connect with several things that I've been grappling with lately and helped me to see a new perspective on them. She brought a real sense of calm and comfort to me and I really enjoyed her unique style and approach to spiritual and energetic healing. This session was very grounding, reassuring, and helpful for me.


The profound distance the message had to travel to come through Rebecca was significant - it was a multi-dimensional message that was more than needed. Very accurate and on point. Strong in claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.


Rebecca was very respectful and loving and created a connection. She was considerate in delivering the messages and had accurate interpretations that had meaning to me.