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Dry Brush+ 2 Hour Warm Oil Massage + Steam Bath + 3rd Eye Cleanse

  • 3 hours
  • 350 US dollars

Service Description

The Full Bliss Treatment restores vitality, relieves fatigue, and promotes sound sleep. Your nervous system will be profoundly calmed and rejuvenated. What you get: 15 Min Exfoliating Brush+ 2 Hour Warm Oil Massage + 20 Min Detoxifying Steam Bath + 20 Calming 3rd Eye Cleanse + 5 Min Mind Clearing The Treatment: 15 Min Dry Brush: Dry massage is recommended for people who have signs of fatigue, sluggishness, or are feeling physical or mental dullness. Additionally, it exfoliates and brightens skin. Garshana supports the removal of cellular waste products from the body by stimulating lymphatic cleansing. 2 Hour Warm Oil Massage: Abhyanga is revitalizing and detoxifying full body massage. Ayurvedic organic oils infused with herbs are then applied in large quantities to nourish the skin and penetrate at the cellular level. Circulation of the arterial and lymphatic systems are stimulated. Abhyanga simultaneously nurses and nurtures the body, while increasing its vitality. The mind and body are lulled into a deep state of relaxation, as toxins loosen from deep tissue and mobilize for elimination. 20 Min Detoxifying Steam: Swedana (steam) to eject toxins while the nourishing oil penetrates your skin. In addition to lubricating the skin, warm oil after dry massage helps to calm mental anxiety 5 Min Mind Channel Clearing: Nasya is medicated oil administered into the nostrils. Nasya treatment begins with the client lying down. Warm drops of Nasya are administered into each nostril and the outside nasal cavity is massaged to enhance absorption. Enjoy the relaxation of a face, head, ear, and neck massage to enhance absorption. Nasya clears your nasal passages, and opens your intuitive, mental, and energetic passages as well. Wherever the day takes you next, you walk with renewed clarity. 20 Min Calming 3rd Eye Cleanse: In ancient Sanskrit, ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. Shirodhara cleanses and resets your mind (thoughts), body (actions), and spirit (intentions). This relaxing and gentle flow of herbal oil on the 3rd Eye will enhance your concentration, clarity, and intuition.

Cancelation Policy

RESERVATIONS AND CHANGES. In order to reserve your appointment time, full payment is due at the time of booking. I accept cash and all major credit cards. Once purchased, treatments are non-refundable; however, you may gift your appointment to another person should be unable to use it.

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