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Physical Conflict 

when  the stress of our mind and emotions  manifest as physical pain and discomfort 

Physical conflict results from the stress we carry.


Here are some ways it can look:

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When a secret, trauma, or burden is carried with us for so long that it becomes embedded in the body.

When a headache or body pain is brought on by the mere thought of a person or situation. 

When the mention of a team member or work situation causes heightened heartbeat, blurry vision, or headache. 

Massage Stones


Garshana, Ayurveda dry massage, is done a natural bristle body brush. Dry massage is recommended for people who have signs of fatigue, sluggishness, or are feeling physical or mental dullness. Additionally, it exfoliates and brightens skin.


Garshana supports the removal of cellular waste products from the body by stimulating lymphatic cleansing.


Each treatment begins with Nasya, an herbal blend dropped and massaged into the nostrils to open your mental and spiritual passages for renewal. Next is the dry massage, followed by . Ayurveda oils gently applied to your skin for absorption.


Finally, you take Swedana (steam) to eject toxins while the nourishing oil penetrates your skin. In addition to lubricating the skin, warm oil after dry massage helps to calm mental anxiety.



Experience the sensation of “bliss therapy” as your thoughts melt away and you fall into complete relaxation. All you feel is peace. Shirodhara calms the mind and rejuvenates the body, balancing the pineal and pituitary glands, toning the lungs, heart, colon, brain, and stomach. This treatment nourishes your hair and scalp, prevents graying and hair loss, and replenishes luster to your hair and skin.


Shirodhara rejuvenates your senses of sight, sound, and smell, allowing you to perceive and experience life in a new way each time you leave. In ancient Sanskrit, ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. Shirodhara cleanses and resets your mind (thoughts), body (actions), and spirit (intentions). This relaxing and gentle flow of herbal oil on the 3rd Eye will enhance your concentration, clarity, and intuition.

Relaxing Massage


Abhyanga is revitalizing and detoxifying full body massage. The treatment begins with a clarifying Nasya that opens you to the experience by clearing your nasal and mental passages. Ayurvedic organic oils infused with herbs are then applied in large quantities to nourish the skin and penetrate at the cellular level. Circulation of the arterial and lymphatic systems are stimulated. Abhyanga simultaneously nurses and nurtures the body, while increasing its vitality. The mind and body are lulled into a deep state of relaxation, as toxins loosen from deep tissue and mobilize for elimination. Following the oil massage, you relax as steam (swedana) further expels the toxins from your body while simultaneously promoting full absorption of the oil nutrients into your skin. Abhyanga relieves fatigue and promotes sound sleep. Your nervous system will be profoundly calmed and rejuvenated.

Outdoor Spa


Swedana is a steam bath that detoxifies the skin through sweat. In Ayurveda, a steam tent is used so the body can detoxify, but the head remains outside to lessen stress.


Swedana hydrates and restores moisture to the skin and is a great way to warm the muscles and relax the body.

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Nasya is medicated oil administered into the nostrils. Nasya treatment begins with the client lying down. Warm drops of Nasya are administered into each nostril and the outside nasal cavity is massaged to enhance absorption.


Enjoy the relaxation of a face, head, ear, and neck massage to enhance absorption. Nasya clears your nasal passages, and opens your intuitive, mental, and energetic passages as well. Wherever the day takes you next, you walk with renewed clarity.

Reflexology Therapy


Pado Abhyanga begins with Nasya to clear your mind and open you for relaxation and healing. Nasya is followed by a gentle massage of the face, jaw, head, and neck. Next, each leg receives oil massage of the calf, ankle, and foot. This strengthens and lubricates the muscles, joints, and ligaments which support your entire body. Foot health is said to be indicative of one’s ability to receive pleasure and experience joy, and feet considered the place our body connects to the soul (sole). Pado Abhyanga fortifies foot health, using the six Ayurveda strokes to renew and strengthen the feet which support you, and revitalize the soles which guide you.

Oil Massage


This treatment is perfect when you need reinvigorated with some extra strength and mental clarity to face the challenges ahead. The session begins warm herbal oil being poured over the length of your spine. While the oil absorbs , you receive energy healing to further relax. Next the basti is removed, and the oil is massaged to penetrate into your spine, back, shoulders, neck and head. A face and scalp massage are next, followed by a refreshing Nasya to open your mental and energetic passages. Your session concludes with Shirodhara, a warm oil cleanse to open and refresh your 3rd Eye.

Head Massage


Shiro Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term comprised of two words: Shiro (head) and Abhyanga (massage). This treatment begins with Nasya to clear your mental and energetic passageways. Next experience our Shiro Abhyanga, a gentle massage on the forehead, head, neck, and shoulders so the oil formulation on these parts of the body takes effect. Among its many benefits, Shiro Abhyanga increases blood and oxygen circulation in the brain. Anti-aging benefits include relaxing facial and eye muscles, stimulating hair growth, preventing premature graying, and hair loss. Shiro Abhyanga also stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, relieves pain, headaches, migraines, stress, jaw aches, and insomnia.

Spa Treatment


Your treatment begins with Nasya, clarifying your nasal passages and opening your mental channels to receive healing. Next is a massage of the face, scalp, jaw, and neck to loosen tension and bring you into a state of relaxation. Turning over on the table, a dough basti is placed in a ring on the back of your neck. Warm oil and the decoction of herbs is slowly poured into it, saturating the vertebrae of your neck and 2-3 vertebrae of your thoracic region. The oil absorbs for 20-30 minutes, during which time you also are receiving energy healing. When the basti is removed, the oil is massaged into neck, shoulders, and upper back. Your session completes with a Shirodhara, to nourish, cleanse, and reset your perspective by pouring a stream of warm oil onto your 3rd Eye. This is followed by rest, so your body can absorb the full benefits of the treatment.

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Netra Basti is a restorative and preventative Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes, used to reduce eye strain and stress. The treatment begins with a Nasya to clear the nasal passages and open you to healing, followed by gentle massage to relieve tension in your face, head, and neck. A dough dam is built up around the eye and warm medicated ghee is slowly poured into the dam, bringing peace and nourishment to the eyes. The ghee is held in a pool on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. The lipid structure in ghee is similar to the body’s natural lubrication, making it especially nourishing for optic nerve tissues. During the treatment, some people experience mild stinging and therapeutic tearing, which is normal when the body is cleansing and repairing. Post-nasal mucus releases, clearing congestion and relieving pressure around the sinuses. While the ghee is absorbing, you will be receiving energy healing to promote enhanced relaxation and emotional clearing. The session concludes with a full Shiro Abhyanga. This is the time to relax with your eyes closed to receive full benefits of the ghee. Netra Basti improves vision and eye refraction errors. It provides relief from allergies, soothing dry, itchy, eyes. In addition to the physical benefits, you will feel calmness and clarity, walking back into your life feeling physically better, with renewed vision and intention.

Healing Touch Therapy_1


Karna Purna, a treatment for the ears, calms the entire central nervous system and promotes bone alignment in the head, like crania-sacral therapy. Your treatment begins with a clarifying Nasya and gentle massage on your face, head, and neck, massaging away tension and preparing your body for healing. Next, warm oil is poured into the ear canal, where it stays for a 10 - 15 minutes on each side. Karna Purna liquefies ear wax and lubricated the ear canal, easing most ear pain. Ayurveda explains that the ear is a sacred place of subconscious memories, much like being in the womb, where you feel safe and loved. The warm oil gives you the feeling of peace, tranquility and stillness, which is when the highest healing takes place. When both sides are finished, you take rest while receiving energy healing and allowing your body to absorb the oil, the stillness, and the full benefits of tranquility.

Reiki Treatment


If you have been experiencing difficulties with someone you care for deeply, this treatment will help to calm your heart and mind, helping you to see the way forward. Hrid basti begins with Nasya to open your energetic passages. Next, a warm oil bath is poured into a dough basti on the heart region. It absorbs for 30 minutes. During this time, you rest and receive energy healing. This is followed by a chest, neck, and shoulder massage. The warmth and comfort of a Shirodhara completes your experience, cleansing and resetting your perspective.

(The Five Actions)

Panchakarma is a 5-7-day course of body work.

These are elements of Panchakarma (Ayurvedic Body) treatments:

Mud Spa


Harmonizing Perception: Enhancements that harmonize the healing capabilities of all five senses. Sound includes Vedic mantras and singing bowls. Touch enlivens vital spots called Marma points. Taste may include herbs. Sight uses specific colors correlating with the chakras. Smell are calming aromatics. The combination brings awareness to the origins of one's thoughts and feelings.



Warm Oil MassageAbhyanga is revitalizing and detoxifying full body massage. Ayurvedic organic oils infused with herbs are applied in large quantities to nourish the skin and penetrate at a cellular level. The mind and body are lulled into a deep state of relaxation as toxins loosen from deep tissue and mobilize for elimination.  Abhyanga relieves fatigue and promotes sound sleep. It also activates the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Your body is left feeling calmed and rejuvenated.


Dry Brush: Dry brushing of the skin that exfoliates, enhances circulation, and activates the lymphatic system. It allows oils and herbs to penetrate skin more easily, and also promotes shiny, healthy skin.


Herbal Massage: Herbal paste lymphatic massage that deeply penetrates the skin and releases stagnant toxins. Udvartana naturally exfoliates and restores skin to its natural radiance.


3rd Eye Cleanse: In ancient Sanskrit, ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. Shirodhara cleanses and resets your mind (thoughts), body (actions), and spirit (intentions). This relaxing and gentle flow of herbal oil on the 3rd Eye will enhance your concentration, clarity, and intuition.



Channel Clearing: Herbal oil is applied into the nostrils and inhaled deeply. Nasya combats excessive dryness that cause allergic and respiratory conditions and medicates the central nervous system.


Head Massage: Luxurious massage of the head, face, neck, and shoulders that activates the facial lymphatic system. Combined with Nasya, this treatment is invaluable for balancing neck, head, and respiration disorders.


Steam Bath: When done after oil massage, steam (Swedana) further expels the toxins from your body and promotes full absorption of Ayurvedic oils and nutrients into your skin.


Milk & Rice Bath: Bulbs of white rice cooked in cow milk and infused with herbs is massaged into the joints and tissue. Done as an alternative to steam, this powerfully detoxifying treatment aids with sound rest and energetic rejuvenation.


Herbal Enema: Basti is an herbal enema that pulls toxins from the colon and expels them from the body. A basti is a dam of dough on focused area of the body holding medicated oil onto that area (heart, back, spine, knees, etc) . Applied after massage and steam, basti flush out the loosened impurities and transports Ayurvedic medicine to the blood and tissue, helping to transform the memory of toxic and damaged cells.