Emotions are energetic blocks in the body that cause physical pain and mental distraction. 

Your physical pain often tells the story of your conflict. Scan your body and sense where you feel discomfort:

Head is your connection to spirit and self. Your heart is the center of the body, and around it flows the subtle essence of life. When your heart hurts, your entire being hurts.

Upset Stomach

 Spine represents the support you feel (or do not feel) you have in life. Shoulders carry our burdens and responsibilities. Mid-back represents guilt and being stuck in the past.


The  abdomen  houses your liver (anger and base emotions) and the spleen (worry and overthinking). Finally, the  low back  represents support (or lack thereof) from finances, family, and other sources. 

Ayurveda Body Treatments...

Ayurveda is ancient Indian medicine that focuses on the inter-relatedness of mind, body, and soul. Its sister sciences are Yoga and Vedic Astrology.

Ayurveda classifies all activity in the universe and in humans into the three basic function – destruction, creation, and organization.

Image by Gioele Fazzeri

... and Conflict Resolution

In times of stress and conflict, we most certainly are in one of these stages - things are falling apart, reorganizing, or seemingly chaotic.


The body hold emotions and pain which compounds our stress and makes the conflict seem even worse and more painful.


Ayurveda Body Treatments Cleanse Away Stress & Conflict at a Cellular Level

Ayurvedic body treatments release the physical tension and subconscious emotions your body is holding, so you can function at your best mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Relaxing Back Massage