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We  experience

Mental Conflict 

when navigating situations like power imbalance, cultural differences, or creative stagnation.

Mental conflict comes from external sources, and from our own mental constructs. 


Here are some ways it can look:

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Your mind keeps racing. Your thoughts are taking up too much time and affecting your productivity. 

Your conversations have become repetitive. You are out of ideas about how to approach the subject.

Your meetings have become echo chambers. You need new thought and new ways to approach discussion.

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Sometimes life hands us circumstances we have no precedence for knowing how to deal with a situation. In these Special Situations, a conflict perspective can help organize the scenario so you know the next move, and have clarity on what the situations looks like.


This service is support in unprecedented circumstances. 

Interest Based Negotiating is an effective tool when you are dealing with another party who is not "coming to the table" and you need to devise a strategy on your own. It entails working through each step of your situation and planning the best possible strategy, tactics, and direction. Clients may come to satisfying resolution themselves in this process and no longer feel the need  to include the other parties. Whatever you decide, you will be very clear on what you are doing and how to move forward.

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Neutral Assessments are useful when you have exhausted regular channels of advice or need privacy to voice your thoughts openly. A single session often brings clients to decision by  use of unconventional yet systematic inquiry, and the ability explore options without judgement or bias.


In this space you also become aware of flaws in your own reasoning. Neutral Assessment orients you in the problem and discuss various ways to proceed.

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Sometimes life hands us circumstances for which we have no precedence, and so do not know how to move forward.

This service offers you support in such unprecedented circumstances. You may also be under a time constraint, adding pressure to an already tenuous situation.


A conflict perspective can help you organize the scenario so you know the next move, and have clarity on what the situations looks like. 

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Conflict Negotiating is effective when you are dealing with another party who is not "coming to the table" and you need to devise a strategy on your own. We will comb through through each step of your situation and plan your best possible strategy, tactics, and direction. During this process you may come to satisfying resolution yourself,  and may no longer  need  to include the other party. Whatever you decide, you will be very clear on what you are doing and how to move forward.

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Sometimes we are confronted with situations that are extremely painful or we did not see coming. But we still have to show up and produce. This service helps you during those brief periods when you show your best self to the world, but you need some support behind closed doors to do it. 

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Personal life does not stop when we go to work, and can we cannot always  leave our emotions at the door. Mental Turmoil occupies the mental space that we need to work productively. This is a service you can use to speak freely and clear you mind, so you can get on with your day.  

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This service is available on-site or remotely. Personal Crisis heightens our emotions. During crisis, what you say often leaves a lasting mark on your reputation. To ensure no missteps are taken during this critical time, I remain available to talk you through the uncertainly and frustration. 

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Dramatic Problem Solving identifies layers of unseen conflict in your situation, and multiple avenues for resolution. Dramatic Problem Solving integrates acting exercises (kinetic learning), reflexive discussion, and conflict facilitation. ​


Adapted from communal violence prevention techniques, this process teases out the subtle mental constructs that guide our behaviors and lead to structural, social, and organizational conflict.

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Addressing an important topic requires complete focus. Dividing your attention by trying to run the meeting while also participating in it, lessens your ability to contribute meaningfully. Learning these skills or having a skilled conflict facilitator on hand allows both conflict and creativity to emerge. ​Tracking discussion and keeping time are only part of it - the conflict facet ensures inclusiveness and corrects unproductive behavior. Skilled conflict Facilitation keeps your team focused and resourceful.

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Negotiating is embedded in our everyday interactions, and small details either enhance or diminish our negotiating power. Interest Based Negotiating shows you the intricate building blocks of effective negotiation. Your team will learn the same science and techniques used in armed hostage situations. ​


Interest-Based Negotiation enhances your business dealings and areas of life, making it easier to accomplish your goals.

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Conflict itself is healthy for an organization to have, and using a skilled mediator ensures the lessons of the conflict will benefit your organizational growth. Mediation is a process where a neutral third-party guides disputing people toward agreement or resolution. This service is available in two ways - I can perform it for you, or I can teach your team members. I can also train members of your staff to mediate disputes and create a process to provide feedback for team growth. 

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Your organization is unique, so how you handle people, culture, and feedback are all taken into account. 

Organizational Deconfliction surfaces hidden issues that degrade your efficiency. The evaluation is created to answer the questions you want answered, and the system created is tailored to what you want for your organization. Your organization will have noticeable enhancements to personnel and productivity.

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Conflict Communication mastery is a combination of skills that enable you to welcome conflict and be more successful as a result.


You will lean to navigate problems, tensions, and divergent viewpoints with ease. You will also discover how to expand your prospects for mutual benefit and expanded opportunities. 


In a world where most people fear and avoid conflict, you will know how to grow and prosper because of conflict.


Social science meets actionable results: To intervene in conflict, one must have a clear picture what the conflict looks like and how a person having that conflict experiences it.


Bespoke Research helps clients navigate layers of conflict – after doing the research, I delineate the invisible systems we operate in into organized sets of behaviors, ascribed beliefs, and cultural norms. Every project also includes clear steps for how to intervene successfully. 

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Handling conflict preemptively is wise.

If you are anticipating conflict or crisis, having a conflict resolution professional on retainer gives space and opportunity to prepare.

Retained Conflict Services can be used for a variety of reasons, and includes all tools and capabilities. Your conflict may be personal, professional, private, or public. ​Retained Services gives an on-call conflict expertise to address conflict and crisis situations as they emerge.

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On occasion you may have an inquiry or project without an obvious provider for that question or service. 

Special Projects address those "one-off" questions you have, or issue you want to explore. I provide a custom method of inquiry and a tailored delivery of options, outcomes, and solutions in accordance with your goals.

Special Projects are also ideal when you want to keep something you are considering confidential.