Need for Neutral Perspective

1. The people you normally consult with are party to the problem.

2. ​The people you normally consult with have an interest in the outcome.

3. You need the perspective of someone who does not stand to gain or lose something based on the decision you make.


Need for Different Thinking

4. You have exhausted your own thinking on the problem.

5. Your team, advisors, and confidants have exhausted their thinking on it.

6. You need new eyes on the problem, to see it differently and find new angles.

Need for Privacy or Discretion

7. You don’t want people you normally talk things over with to know about this.

8. The issue concerns someone in your circle.

9. You don’t want people in your social group, family, etc. to know about it.

Need for Perception Management

10. You don’t want to cloud a group’s opinion of you or the other person based on this situation, especially in a social, family, or peer group.

11. How people regard you will change if they know you are having this conflict.

12. The problem needs to be handled, but the information needs contained.