How You Feel About the Situation
1. You have had this problem for a while and cannot seem to get anywhere.

2. ​You are unsure how to approach this topic.

3. You feel like should not be having to initiate this conversation in the first place.

4. Your energy, and mental bandwidth is depleted just thinking about it.

5. You are embarrassed to be in this situation.

How You Feel About the Other Party

6. You resent having to deal with this and get irritated thinking about it.

7. You feel like the problem should be self-explanatory and cannot believe you have to say this to another adult.

8. You hate that you have been put in this position.

How Others Feel About the Situation

9. Boundaries have been broken or are about to be.

10. The people around you are exhausted by your problem and don’t want to hear it anymore.

11. High conflict people or relationships are negatively affecting your life.

How You Feel This Will Affect You Moving Forward

12. How you handle this situation will have lasting effects, with family, professional circles, or long-time friends.

13. Bringing this to the attention of the other person will likely have adverse consequences.

14. Directly addressing the conflict will bring ridicule or judgement from others, including people close to you.

15. You stand to lose something of value (job, position, reputation, family, other relationships) when this issue becomes known.