Divorce Consultation for CEO with Alternative Lifestyle

Client making the decision about the future needed insight and neutral feedback on the situation. Especially pressing was that the conflict was interfering with the ability to contrate at work and lessened business productivity. In a single session, the client was able to organize thoughts and emotions, and become clear on next steps. 

Intervention Support for the Family of Public Official with Alcoholism

The private family of a public figure sought help for handling an intervention. They wanted to remain discreet due to the individual’s position. Worked with office staff and the doctors, coached the family, and led the intervention.

Private Family Enduring Crisis from Within

Coached a son during an ongoing, multigenerational family legal dispute. Assisted client in taking stock of the situation and deciding a course of action that satisfied both his financial interests and his emotional needs.

Spiritual Advising for CEO of Creative Firm

Client in the process of selling his business, experiencing conflict from colleagues, and feeling like he had no support. Wanted help re-establishing a spiritual connection and transitioning into his retirement. Coaching helped him reconnect with his sense of peace, and gain clarity and perspective on his departure from the business world and determine what responsibility he owed to former employees (and what he did not owe to them).

Business Owner Enduring Emotional Abuse by a Spiritual Leader

CEO wanted addressing a high-conflict situation with her guru. Coaching helped client to understand the situation, separate from it, and recover from the emotional abuse and mental distress endured.

Professional In Higher Education Being Sabotaged by a Coworker

Professional woman seeking help for how to deal with a coworker who was deliberately creating discord based on false information. Coaching helped to her to gain perspective and discover options to cauterize the damage and repair office relationships.