The first part of my life was dedicated to understanding the drivers of violent & political conflict, and  helping private clients through personal & public crisis situations. Now I reverse the principles of violent and political conflict in order to help individuals, teams, and society build peace and resolve conflict.

Conflict situations involve both observable dynamics, and complex structural and psychological underpinnings. I provide technical knowledge, guidance, and support, helping you resolve inner conflict and find your way through challenging circumstances, cognizant of the situational factors and invisible structures at play around you and within you. 

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Conflict Analysis

Private Conflict

Global Issues

Cross - Sector

Unconventional Methods

Dr. Nicholson’s clients benefit from her unconventional perspective and integrative methodology. She assists clients who are navigating personal crisis and reputation risk, and guides families in resolving hidden issues and longstanding conflict. Drawing on wisdom and tactics from around the world, Dr. Nicholson helps clients examine their situation from mental, social, emotional, public and private angles not yet considered, so their strategy misses nothing, and their implementation is impeccable. 

Dr. Nicholson holds a M.S. and PhD. in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, B.A.s in Political Science and Public Relations, and numerous certificates of specialized conflict training. Her professional experience includes:

Human Trafficking

Child Soldiers

Post-War Recovery

Tribal Engagement

Donor Engagement

Her work in the philanthropic field explored human trafficking in India, Europe, and the United States. Prior to that, Dr. Nicholson worked to counter post-war communal violence in West Africa through traditional tribal engagement efforts. Dr. Nicholson’s other areas of focus have been former child soldier reintegration, genocide prevention, and countering violent extremism. She serves as a consultant to nonprofit organizations and philanthropic foundations. She has published on issues of donor engagement and has an upcoming graduate level text on sustainable development.

Conflict Negotiating

Non-Lethal Tactics

Psychological Tactics

Soft Power 

Indigenous Systems

Dr. Nicholson serves as a Senior Scientist at a Human Security company that creates curriculum material and instructs pre-deployment Green Berets at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center on the use of nonlethal soft power tactics to augment Psychological Operations and Civil-Military Affairs. She has spent over a decade working in indigenous and contemporary systems of conflict resolution, ranging from West African Palaver to FBI armed hostage negotiating, and applies this knowledge to the private sector.

Gender Inequity

Violence Intervention

GLBTQ Issues

Workplace Bullying

Intuitive Methods

Dr. Nicholson is well versed in and facilitates public and private discussions on sensitive topics including GLBTQ issues, youth and workplace bullying, homophobia, inequality, and gender violence. She consults on these issues, and also incorporates supplemental intuitive methodologies into her work, which although relatively unknown, are highly effective as additional sources of assessment and intelligence gathering. These modalities and more will be featured in her peer-reviewed volume Natural Healing as Conflict Resolution (IGI Global, 2020).

Sexual Conduct

Risk & Exposure

Policy Adjustment

Internal Compliance

Private Education

Individuals, Board Members, and Company owners are at personal, professional, and financial risk surrounding gender relations, largely due to them not understanding how their behavior translates to risk. Dr. Nicholson is a published author on this topic and has extensive experience with this issue, and so with complete discretion and without the publicity of hiring a PR firm or labor lawyer specializing in sexual harassment, clients can have a thorough internal conversation to understand their personal and company context, with the ability to adjust their conduct and policy proactively.

Dr. Nicholson began her communications work in a Governor's office of press, scheduling, and advance. Her experience includes ten years of political campaigning, fundraising, strategic messaging, and press relations. Since then, Dr. Nicholson has assisted private clients, attorneys, and businesses with message development, internal control of information, and external control of the narrative, especially in times of extreme stress. More significantly, in the immediate 48 hours following a crisis – when emotions are most volatile, and results are most crucial – Dr. Nicholson remains available to clients to talk out their fears and frustration to ensure no mistakes are made.

Political Campaigns

Strategic Messaging

Press Relations

Narrative Control

Litigation Positioning

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8th House Elan Ltd. is a Public Benefit Company I formed to


(1) Improve human health and wellness by teaching conflict resolution skills and peace building techniques. 


(2) Promote attitudes and behaviors that favor expanded communication, learning, tolerance, and acceptance. 


(3) Advance knowledge of applied peace building, specifically in relation to international affairs, society & culture, and public policy.


Center for Conflict Resolution (CENCOR)  Accra, Ghana