Social science meets actionable results: To intervene in conflict, one must have a clear picture what the conflict looks like and how a person having that conflict experiences it.


Bespoke Research helps clients navigate layers of conflict – after doing the research, I delineate the invisible systems we operate in into organized sets of behaviors, ascribed beliefs, and cultural norms. Every project also includes clear steps for how to intervene successfully. 

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Handling conflict preemptively is wise.

If you are anticipating conflict or crisis, having a conflict resolution professional on retainer gives space and opportunity to prepare.

Retained Conflict Services can be used for a variety of reasons, and includes all tools and capabilities. Your conflict may be personal, professional, private, or public. ​Retained Services gives an on-call conflict expertise to address conflict and crisis situations as they emerge.

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On occasion you may have an inquiry or project without an obvious provider for that question or service. 

Special Projects address those "one-off" questions you have, or issue you want to explore. I provide a custom method of inquiry and a tailored delivery of options, outcomes, and solutions in accordance with your goals.

Special Projects are also ideal when you want to keep something you are considering confidential. 

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Conflict itself is healthy for an organization to have, and using a skilled mediator ensures the lessons of the conflict will benefit your organizational growth. Mediation is a process where a neutral third-party guides disputing people toward agreement or resolution. This service is available in two ways - I can perform it for you, or I can teach your team members. I can also train members of your staff to mediate disputes and create a process to provide feedback for team growth. 

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Your organization is unique, so how you handle people, culture, and feedback are all taken into account. 

Organizational Deconfliction surfaces hidden issues that degrade your efficiency. The evaluation is created to answer the questions you want answered, and the system created is tailored to what you want for your organization. Your organization will have noticeable enhancements to personnel and productivity.

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Conflict Communication mastery is a combination of skills that enable you to welcome conflict and be more successful as a result.


You will lean to navigate problems, tensions, and divergent viewpoints with ease. You will also discover how to expand your prospects for mutual benefit and expanded opportunities. 


In a world where most people fear and avoid conflict, you will know how to grow and prosper because of conflict.