My first true Ayurvedic experience! I walked in to the the very peaceful 8th House space without expectations or knowledge about this kind of healing/therapy. Loved Rebecca’s genuine interest in what she has been doing and learning as well. I strongly recommend the garshana massage!

Rebecca offers an incredible service! So relaxing but yet so effective, I highly recommend giving it a shot! I literally feel like a new man!! She’s so professional! Full of knowledge and truly has the touch to heal. So amazing!!


I just had an exceptional treatment by Dr Nicholson. She is extremely talented and dedicated to her work, which is hard to find in the Pittsburgh area. I get massages and treatments everywhere in the world, and what she does is something special. I highly recommend her!




I came in very stressed with life and school. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Pink Gradient


Rebecca is fantastic. The massage was wonderful and her insight into conflict resolution is well worth the price.


Rebecca was amazing in every way. She addressed problem areas exactly how I asked.




"As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and one who lives by the principles of Ayurveda, I understand and seek traditional Ayurvedic practices like  nasya (oiling of the nostrils for protecting against infection and to balance the mind and vata), garshana (dry massage to exfoliate and decrease kapha), abhyanga (massage with oil followed by steam to detoxify or rid the body of ama and balance vata) and shirodhara (gentle warm oil between the eyebrows/third eye to balance the mind).  I consciously do this during Vata season (fall/winter) to calm and balance the body, mind and soul, especially during Vata season (fall/winter)."  

 My experience with Rebecca was authentic, healing, balancing, and mystical. 

My visit began with nasya oil followed by a 5 minute centering with Rebecca on a mat in front of me. This allowed for both of us to center and it allowed for the nasya oil to clear through my nose. Her use of Tibetan singing bowls and chimes provided a protective blanket that facilitated my entrance into the prana maya koshic layer during the massages, which even continued throughout the whole session. The shirodhara at the end was a perfect balance of the mind with the body. This was followed by a brief sharing experience between both of us at the end helped place all that I had experienced back into perspective.

 I receive regular massages and have had all these treatments from different body work therapists but this one by far surpassed them because they came from a genuine and authentic place—Rebecca’s heart. Rebecca is genuinely providing healing through touch because she honors these sacred and traditional Ayurvedic practices. I recommend her highly and will be sending my clients to her on a routine basis because through Rebecca the world can be healed one person at a time!"

-Paula A. Witt-Enderby, Ph.D., CAHC, 

Professor of Pharmacology & Ayurvedic Health Counselor